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Welcome to Polifiller – a new online tool designed to cut the drivel and clichés out of political speeches.  Simply cut and paste a speech or statement into the box below and the “groundbreaking technology” that powers this site (aka, two bits of coconut connected by a string) will put a line through the worst clichés and emptiest lines. 


We live in an age of devolved opinion.  For every decision-maker there are now millions of derision-makers.  Politicians need to take note and communicate clearly.


The next election in the UK will be unlike any other.  There will be more parties, more promises and more cynicism than ever before.  What people want is truth, devoid of cliché and patronising phrases.


We’ll update the database of worn-out phrases on a daily basis.  If there’s something you’d like us to add, please drop us a line at polifiller@houstonpr.co.uk and we’ll add it.

Polifiller gives two scores.  The first is the 'filler count' which simply adds up the number of separate pieces of waffle in a speech.  The second, expressed as a percentage, is what we call the ‘Switchoffeter’.  The Switchoffeter assesses how likely it is that the listener will switch off when listening to the speech.  The higher the number, politicians, the better off you are finding a fresher way of expressing yourself.


Let’s see how our politicians’ speeches measure up!


Hall of Shame

Here’s a small selection from the thousands of phrases that the our tool is aiming to rid the world of:

“On your side”

“Big society”

“The people” 

“where we find”

“may we bring”

“The promise of a”


“To be frank”

“we hear you.”

“Most serious threats” 

“Those who need it”

“Difficult choices”

“People who work hard and do the right thing”

“Zero tolerance”

“Black hole”

“Bottom up” 

"The doorstep"

"Hard-working" families”

“Metropolitan elite” 

“Real people”

“Top down” 

“The Westminster bubble”

“The fact of the matter is” 

“It's going to take time” 

“A whole range of proposals” 

“There are no easy answers”

"comprehensive raft of measures” 

“the previous administration” 

“Let me at this stage be absolutely open and honest” 

“Our message is clear”

“The Great British people”

“One nation”

“There is an alternative”

“Hard-working families”

“Squeezed middle”

“tough choices”

“tough decisions”

“tough on crime"

”“Real people”

“to the country”

“Build a better future”


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